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More Monsanto BS

I hope some if the images in this video disturb you because they should.


Hey kids, our current president is watching a shit storm about the size of that thing that endlessly circles Jupiter welling up on the horizon.  It’s almost like that movie the Perfect Storm where three separate storms combine to form, ah, well you know.   Three scandals, Benghazi, IRS targeting political opponents, and the justice department told the associated press it was warrantlessly recording their phone calls.  If one of these doesn’t stick to get a impeachment hearing, and a successful one at that, you had better lose all faith in the government.  Both parties!
     Benghazi, this thing is bad.  Nobody that’s talking really knows what went on, and that could be because the administration has been threatening witnesses.  We do know that a direct order from the white house halted a rescue operation of ambassador stevens by navy seals.  We still don’t know exactly who attacked him or why.  The cover up story was ridiculous though.  The official story was that a movie on YouTube made the locals so mad that they raided the embassy and killed our ambassador in cold blood.  Stop and pity yourself if you look back and think, I believed that.  The video was a little dubbed over piece of an already existing movie called Desert Warrior, I think.  What else?  The ambassador wasn’t ambassador very long, as we had just placed him there after assisting in militarily taking over the country.  He wasn’t killed in the embassy as first reported, or in a consulate as later reported, he was killed in a safehouse that somebody found or was told how to find.  My personal opinion is that he was killed because he was either assisting with or about to blow the whistle on gun running.  Specifically the transfer from Libya to Syria and some to Africa.  Regardless, its a mess and if the administration didn’t have knowledge of it I don’t know why they revised12  times the CIA report before they gave it to congress.  Impeachment and move down the ladder.
     IRS.  The IRS got caught messing with groups that were tea party affiliated and were “patriot groups”.  I think they also targeted educational groups but I don’t know much about that.  This has been happening forever on both sides of the aisle, but its still a serious offense.  I hear excuses made like, Bush uses the IRS to target progressive groups.  Not valid, if I went into court and said other people murder people all the time so my illegal act isn’t bad, I’m not getting acquitted.  The part I can’t figure out why my local house rep. Mike Turner is saying its not illegal and then put up a very quick bill to make it so.  Better look at that bill, its probably full of nasties.  By the way, read the link above and this was listed as one of the impeachable offenses leveled against Nixon.  I think both parties want to play this one down because they are both guilty.  I also think that neither party wants the American people to come to the realization the IRS isn’t just used as a weapon in this instance, but that its primary function is  to be a weapon, usually used on the citizenry.   This is also a big one because if it sticks, which it should, because people already hate the IRS for the most part and it will be extremely hard to spin.  It will be hard to say theyre paranoid patriots wearing tinfoil hats, when they complain of oppresive tactics that the IRS has admitted to.  We’re not even going to go into the history of the IRS and all that, its just enough to recognize that the supposed means of funding our government is being used to try and crush political dissidents.  Not that I really care because he’s just as dirty, But Mitt Romney is saying they did it to his campaign associates too.  Sounds impeachable to me.
     Associated press.  This is an association of usually Ho-hum reporters of press releases, propaganda, and sometimes explosive news usually received via a whistleblower.  Now, the other day the justice department sent the associated press a memo letting them know that they were being recorded, supposedly as part of a leak investigation.  Ever notice how ruthlessly the “most trasparent administration in history” pursues whistleblowers?  Of course this was without warrant, but that’s no surprise since the FBI admitted during the Boston marathon fiasco they pretty much record all phone calls.  The interesting thing about this is the fact that the Justice Department notified them.  It’s really looking like a threat.  A kind of don’t step out of line, we’re watching you, just in case they don’t feel like reporting the official narrative.  So now we have a violation of all these people’s 4th amendment rights and the administration trying to stomp out 1st amendment rights.  That about covers all the rights not gutted by the patriot act and ndaa.  Looks like time to impeach to me.
     So bottom line the man is a tyrant and needs to be removed.  If not guilty of impeachable crimes he’s definitely guilty of gross incompetence and should step down.  I know we’re just beating on a puppet here and whoever comes next will be just as crooked.  I know Joe Biden will do all the exact same horrible things as Obama.  I know that if the Republicans regain the office, they’ll be back to their old tricks too.  So what I would suggest is wake up and stand up.  Grab a stick and help beat the puppet down.  When the next puppet gets out of line beat it down too.  Bottom line its a place to start.  Then maybe we can start beating down all the puppets because when you beat down enough puppets you’re eventually going to break the puppeteers hands and then maybe they can’t puppeteer you. here we have the brothers trying to surrender. CNN had live footage of the older brother being arrested unharmed that night. An eye witness has come forward saying the older brother was removed from a cruiser and promptly run over by a law enforcement suv and promptly shot. The younger brother then hid in a boat where he had a supposed shoot out with police before the story changed that he was unarmed, but only after he supposedly shot himself in the throat. Then there were photos of him climbing out of the boat unharmed before he was put under the care of Israeli doctors who said he would never talk again, that is until he started providing Intel, which he then ceased when informed of his Miranda rights. This is without looking at all the problems of the official story regarding the bombing. Is anyone believing this ludicrous pile of bullshit anymore?