Putting this up again because its important. ” UPDATE: This article and video are placed in the public domain. Feel free to copy and share with everyone. Now that Cyprus has awakened the world to just how desperate the global banking situation is, with Spain and Italy already announced as next, it is clear the Ponzi-scheme private central banks are headed for a collapse of epic proportions, and true to form, they are desperate to escalate what is technically already a world war into a full-on global conflict to distract from, if not solve, the economic problems they themselves created. They are desperate to start more wars. War with Iran, war with Syria, war with China (because of the gold-backed Yuan), war with Russia (for daring to take control of their central bank) war with … well, anyone will do. We are in this horrible race to see which happens first; a crash of the bankers, or nuclear war. The bankers prefer the war. They will gladly see a billion people die horrible deaths to ensure the remaining 6 billion remain slaves to private central banks issuing the public currency as a loan at interest. They have already made that bargain with the devil many times before!” Michael Rivero of