Of course I’ve only got one side of the story here, but it sounds like this guy is getting screwed. Let’s have a different angle of view on a related scenario. So the man in the above video created a lake and supposedly destroyed the wetland. Here’s the story of a local wetland that isn’t. Some years ago Waste Mangement tried to build a landfill in the area. After huge local opposition it was defeated and its no small feat to stop the biggest waste disposal company in the world. After the landfill was defeated there was news of the park district purchasing the property to create a wetland. That right there should tell you its a bad site for a landfill, you don’t put them in water rich areas. I was pretty happy to hear about the new wetland project until I saw it. Now if you don’t know, here in Ohio its illegal to destroy a wetland unless you mitigate it by creating one elsewhere, enter the mitigation bank. The idea is that the new wetland should be equal in quality to the one destroyed. That doesn’t appear to be the case in this instance, unless th wetland destroyed wasn’t a wetland. All that happened here is farm fields were purchased and trees were planted there. I wouldn’t even mind that, but the trees were planted during last years drought and all died. How wet does that sound. The truth is it used to be a wetland before ditches were dug and farmers tiled the fields, but its just not anymore. It’s wet in the spring and dry enough to have grown crops the rest of the year. So we end up with a small government entity using tax dollars to buy land to create a supposed wetland in order to allow developers to destroy real wetlands. In my local case its praised for environmental virtue and of course for its positive potential impact on the local economy. In the first case where an individual creates a more productive wetland type area govt. interference brings him to financial ruin. Seems like a little double standard to me. I have to say, I don’t mind the little wetland mitigation bank being there, I just wish it were a wetland.