I don’t trust the police, I’ll admit that up front.  I’ve had a few interactions where they simply did their typical revenue collecting under the guise of promoting public safety and that doesn’t bother me too much.  I didn’t mind the officer that when called to an accident I was involved in went from supporting me to flip flopping and finding me at fault after he saw I had a mohawk in my liscense picture.  Those things were somewhat trivial.  I didn’t even mind the time an officer came uninvited into my home in the middle of the night and woke me from my slumber giving me quite a fright.  That officer seemed to be trying to legitimately perform his duties.  What I don’t accept is corruption and an attitude you are subservient to them.  It’s supposed to be the other way around.  I had an instance where a state trooper tailgated me till I changed lanes to allow him to pass.  I would slow down and he would slow down with me.  I would then speed up and he would do the same.  It became painfully obvious he was attempting to get me to speed trying to get around him and I wouldn’t.  After blocking me in my lane the officer eventually pulled me over.  I received a angry abusive verbal lashing.  Long story short I didn’t do anything wrong so I only got a warning for driving in the left hand lane without passing.  Not a big deal except that I was then late for school and my right of free travel was momentarily infringed upon by a crotchety old bastard on a power trip.  The incident left a sour taste in my mouth.
     A little later that same year would be the event that totally destroyed my faith in law enforcement.  I went canoeing with some friends in Indiana and fell behind as I had forgotten my hat where we stopped to play in the river.  When I caught up with my friends they were all parked on an island and I was happy they waited for me, so I pulled ashore.  I was immediately assailed by a large man brandishing a badge and screaming at me to get out of the canoe.  I couldn’t imagine what was going on and complied.  The liquor patrol had me.  They yelled, and intimidated me and finally made me take a breathalyzer.  The cop then explained to me that my level was such and such and they could tell that I had been drinking steadily all day.  Well I hadn’t so I asked to see the results.  The officer then deleted the results and told me that I didn’t need to see them.  I demanded a second test and to see the results and was told that my level would have gone down in that 30 second span and that I could not have a second test that I could see the results.  Then I was arrested.  The ride to the police station was fairly uncomfortable with the police telling me that they had arrested the town drunk Bubba the night before and that he would really like me.  So essentially the police found it fun to tell me that they would enjoy letting another inmate rape me.  When we got to the police station it became extremely obvious what was going on.  I don’t know what the fire Marshall rated the building capacity at but the population that day would have been at least double.  There were some who probably deserved to be there, but the common theme was that every prisoner was from out of state.  They had a bail bondsmen on site to steal a hundred dollars from each person as not many people have a thousand dollars for bail on them when they go canoeing.  Then I was placed in a cell.  Lucky me, I got put in the drunk tank dead sober and soaking wet.  It’s the only drunk tank I’ve ever been in so I have to assume they’re always 50 degrees.  I can tell you that’s cold when you’re drenched.  At one point everyone in my cell had to run in a circle to get warm enough to stop shivering.  After 4 hours I was released with a court date that would require me to return to the state in a month.
     When I showed up to court I didn’t know what to expect but I certainly didn’t expect to be confronted before court and told if I would just pay a fine they would make it all go away and nothing would even be on my record.  Well, I don’t think you could blame me for not believing I would get a fair trial, so I payed them their extortion money and was on my way.  I wonder how much money they made that weekend?  Then they got to wave it around on the local news and in the paper how much they were doing to promote public safety never letting the public know it was all just a big money making scam.
     I only tell this story as an introduction to what I’ve got stewing around in my head.  A couple people I know had their homes raided this past weekend.  I don’t know if they had someone turn them in or if they have a smart meter reporting their electricity usage, but they got caught growing pot.  They knew the risks they were taking doing so and there’s no doubt that its illegal here.  The question is did they commit a crime.  Under common law, which we are supposed to governed by as opposed to the administrative law we now fall under, they would have to cause injury to another, either physically or finacially for a crime to be committed.  Instead they did something listed as illegal and thus must be punished.  I’m sure the police will celebrate a victory busting terrible drug dealers, but that’s not what these people were.  They never hurt anyone.  The idea is that they made the city safer, but all they’re really doing is destroying lives.  I’ll have to pay higher taxes to support their incarceration for the next 5 to 10 years and when they’re released they won’t be improved in any way.  They’ll just have been put in an atmosphere of criminality and control for a period of time with a felony following them ensuring they can’t find meaningful employment.  The one guy is a father to a little boy and a great father at that.  What’s going to happen to the kid now that the state decided it would be best if that family was destroyed.  Most likely that child will now have a better chance at prison himself.  The police also made a point to destroy the houses.  They claim that they were searching, but ripping all the cabinets off the walls, pulling up all the carpet and kicking random holes in the walls isn’t a search.  They were just destroying stuff because that’s what police are now, a force of destruction.  I don’t even know why they damaged so much because in all likelyhood they’re going to try to seize the property and sell it for their own revenue.  That’s the bottom line.  Cops like drugs because its easy revenue, period!  I’m just upset to see people that I know are good people have their lives and the lives of their family destroyed to generate a little “we’re keeping you safe” propaganda as well as generating funds for the police, lawyers, and the court.  Some people will say,”well it was illegal and they shouldn’t have been doing it”, and to them I would reply that when the time comes that you are on the wrong side of corruption that you approved of it.  I’m upset that there are a couple people I probably won’t get to see again for a long time.  I’m upset that the majority of people who don’t know the actors involved will cheer on the police as their actions drain public funds and only provide a facade of security.  Mostly I’m upset that everything in our governmental system has mutated from serving the people to subverting and dominating them.  I’m ready for an end to the war on drugs and I’m ready for an end to the war on freedom.