Weapons of mass distraction. ” Relinked because that birth certificate is being waved around as a distraction yet again by CBS! That the birth certificate was redone to give Obama his mother’s husband’s name was a common practice in the 1960s when a lot of women had a “Love Child.” There are probably people reading this blog who never knew they were born with a different name. Yes, morally it is dishonest, but it was not illegal. It certainly doesn’t rise to the level of impeachable offense, and since Obama’s real father, Frank Marshall Davis, was in fact a US citizen and knocked up Obama’s mother after they met (and she modeled nude for him) at UH Manoa, then Obama is a natural born US citizen. As I said before, had their really been anything to this scandal, both McCain and Hillary would have used it in 2008 to get rid of their competition for the White House. Had they tried to do so, it would have made Obama look like the victim of dirty politics. He wouldhave won by an even wider margin. As for the certificate itself; the explanation for the artifacts in the original PDF file as reported in that CBS vodeo is simple. Whoever scanned that document used Adobe Illustrator to do it. Adobe Illustrator by default converts images into vectors, to allow smooth re-scaling. The vectors are then placed in separate layers in the final output. Do you think if there was an intentional fake the perpetrator wouldn’t flatten the image into a single layer? It’s a single menu click to do so. The real question is why this is being fanned up again at this late date. Are the online shills (the ones calling me bad names in the comments on the YouTube page for that CBS video) trying to distract the Independent Media away from the economic crash, or from the impending invasion of Syria/Iran? I am certain the White House would prefer we argue endlessly over this birth certificate than focus on the economy, or his meetings with Netanyahu to plan war with Iran. It is a given that Obama now wishes we had spent all our time arguing over the birth certificate rather than to have mounted the now successful opposition to the assault weapon ban! Or is Obama (who has already admitted that Obama Sr. is not his biological father) going to “come clean” about Davis and shame his opponents for dragging his mother’s reputation through the mud to build sympathy and public support to gain political room to maneuver for some as-yet-unannounced policy? Time will solve that mystery! Some of the comments at the YouTube page were along the line of “Who’s side are you on?” As anyone who has been a long time reader of this blog knows, I am not on anyone’s side. I go after liars and crooks of every political party and every religious faith. I see my job as in keeping with Thomas Jefferson’s dictum to keep the public fully informed so that they can make good choices … like not falling for a false trail birth certificate to keep their eyes off of something far more dangerous to their liberties.”. – Mike Rivero. Of