If you don’t think this technology can be used subdermally, i’ll tell you the tattoo version probably already exists. After they’ve been around for a while it will be cool to get the permanent one. It’ll mesh with your smart phone and it will give all your vital signs on your fitness app and then it will be used against you. You’ll be tracked everywhere you go, it will monitor your eating habits, rat on you when you’ve had a couple of drinks. Extrapolate from there. I’m going to tell you, tracking people is big business from marketing firms (yep that discount card you use is tracking every purchase you make. They used to give you the discounts without a card. They were called sale items.) to the IRS(Yes the IRS is a corporation and its incorporated in Puerto Rico because that is official property of the district of Colombia). My work id records every door I access. I have ago do a biometric scan of my index finger to clock in and out. They’re putting liscense plate reading cameras on police cars that can log every car that passes them. Cameras on street corners with facial recognition. Do you really want to be monitored and tracked 24/7? That sure doesn’t sound very free to me. I mean look at this.