I’m looking through a lens. It’s rose tinted. It’s rose tinted not in the sense that its a positive filter. The lens isn’t polarized, its not blocking out half the light. It’s because its my lens and represents me. It’s my personal experiences and accumulated knowledge that has finely ground the lens for clarity and focus of my perceptions. I could wear this lens in glasses and be grateful for the clear view in front of me, but I still can’t see well enough. I’m trying to see something very small. My lens is impressive if I take it out of the glasses it fits my microscope. I peer through it now and the small becomes large, but fuzzy. I can remove it from the microscope and place it in my telescope and the far becomes near, but still blurry. I borrow someone’s lens. Suddenly I can see with clarity at magnification. More lenses and I can see more and more clearly at greater and greater magnifications. I can zoom in and out at will. I pan in and out over and over again focusing from the smallest atom back to the farthest reaches of the universe and I start to make connections. I see the atoms combine into molecules and those molecules into organelles and those into cells. The cells combine to form tissues and the tissues, organs. The organs comprise a man. That man looks at all he’s seen and begins to realise there are systems. I begin to understand there are rules to the systems. I realize all of this can be organized in comprehendable manners. I study biology and I learn about positive and negative feedback reactions. I study chemistry and gain knowledge of the energetic exchange required to transmute matter. I’m introduced to physics and the systems of transforming matter into energy and that into energy of various forms. I’m introduced to the realization that all systems are malleable if the variables can be controlled. I observe our economic system and recognise that they are clearly parabolic. Parabolic systems are self destuctive and in real world scenarios they peak and collapse. They describe supernovas, nuclear meltdown and childbirth. They are dramatic and a rarity. I can look through these lenses again because they can see in another way. They will let me see in another dimension, that being time. I can look back through history and magnify and examine. I can see the details and how the previous systems blossomed and collapsed. I can watch correlations of centuries past melt into today and the pattern becomes clear. The system we are living in is going to collapse. It’s parabolic and its too late to gently bend it to a sine wave. Prepare for supernova, the acceleration of entering the event horizon, the critical mass of the nuclear bomb, and let’s not forget birth. There’s going to be a new system… But I have good news. We can take our lenses out of the scope. We just have to put them into the projector. Much as our lenses could see into the past, they can project into the future. Focus through our lenses can determine what the picture of the future looks like. If your picture isn’t bright enough you can borrow my rose tinted lens and if you use it to view systems, I hope it will let you see if you’re a variable or a product.