I have to take some time to rant on this article.  This article is pretty good but its avoiding some correlating facts and related historical trends.  Dayton, Ohio.  That’s where I’m at and we’ve got heroin.  I’ve never tried it, never even seen someone actually use it, but I know its here.  I’m gonna tell ya I find the evidence all the time.  I find needles with brown residue, and let me tell you that isn’t insulin.  I’ve found kits, a tin with a needle and a spoon inside.  I’ve watched for 8 hours straight as a man stands at the offramp to the interstate with a sign asking for money.  As soon as he gets enough for his fix he hands the sign to the next guy who takes their turn.  It went on for 8 hours, maybe longer but I had to leave when my work day ended.
        The question is, where is all of this heroin coming from.  That’s easy.  It’s Afghanistan, almost all of the worlds heroin comes from there.  Since the us invaded Afghanistan it has monopolized the opium trade.  Those damn Arabs!  Not so quick.  The Taliban we crushed had nearly eradicated the heroin production. We’re the ones supporting this.   Look at that first graph where the numbers climb and realize 2002 is when we started our military adventures in Afghanistan.
         If there wasn’t a market these people wouldn’t be growing the poppies.  The lowly farmers aren’t getting the big payday anyways, its the distributors.  How do you smuggle tons of drugs half way around the world?  Well it ain’t easy unless you have connections.  Bottom line your goverment is.the biggest drug dealer on earth.  If you don’t believe me we’re going to have to jump in the wayback machine and have a look.  Massive drug waves in the us have always been connected to us military.  So now we have the afghan heroin.  What was the wave before that?  You could argue meth, but really it was crack cocaine.  Everyone knows crack is derived from cocaine and that comes south America.  What everyone doesn’t know is the level of involvement by the us govt. in the drug trade there.  The Iran contra scandal, Mena Arkansas where Clinton made sure the jets full of coke could land in the country, the school of Americas training the paramilitary forces to support the cooperative puppet governments.  The DEA crushing non cooperative cartels and consolidating power to those that are.  Back in the 80’s into the 90’s Dayton had a crack problem.  Back before that Dayton again had a heroin problem and guess where that came from.  The golden triangle during the Vietnam conflict. 
        I’m going to come out and make an accusation that I can’t prove.  I wholeheartedly believe that Wright Patterson Air Force Base is where these drugs are coming from.  It may be far fetched but during Vietnam they were hiding heroin in the coffins they sent home.  So I don’t put anything past these corrupt people.  When I see the herculese transport jets coming in I wonder what’s in there.  This is the perfect distribution point.  Dayton is located at the intersection of I-70 and I-75, the crossroads of America.  You want drugs in Florida or Michigan send it on 75.  You want drugs in Indianapolis or Philidelphia send it on 70.  Dayton has always been a transport hub as well as a perfect test market. 
       A couple of points made in the article I want to address is the idea that this heroin is exploding because of a crack down on prescription drugs.  I’m sure that’s partly true, but eliminating prescriptions doesn’t magically create heroine.  It has to come from somewhere.  The other point is the purity of the heroine.  Low purity doesn’t imply anything.  Any drug dealer can cut it.  High purity on the other hand usually implies very few middle men in the supply chain.  Apparently we are getting some very pure stuff.  The pure stuff is what really kills the junkies.  I’m done ranting now, but when you hear about the war on drugs or something like this don’t just shake your head and say that’s a shame.  Ask the W’s, who, what,where, when, and why and you may start seeing the real world through that rose tinted lens.